Right fellas let’s not all get red-faced, but how many of you have stood bollock naked in front of the mirror admiring the reflection you see before you, and then suddenly start to panic after witnessing a bent willy? For the gentleman let me rephrase that to “penis”. The point I’m making in reference to gentleman and other, is, this is something that can happen to anyone regardless of title.

It’s perfectly normal to experience a slight curve to the left or right when an erection is in force, but if you have a reason for concern it mustn’t be ignored.

Having a bent willy isn’t logged down as a life-threatening matter so no need to be overly concerned. This happening could be the result of what’s known as Peyronie’s disease—again, nothing to be scared about, nevertheless, something a doctor needs to investigate.

Take heed…

Okay, we get it that you’re embarrassed to see a doctor because it involves you’re willy, “and” with you being a man, this is unheard of. Who f**king cares, the doctor doesn’t!

You need to drop the macho act and give it to the doctor straight. Note: Big men bleed, and big men cry, so why can’t big men act sensible and seek medical advice too.

Peyronie’s disease… Why?

In arousal, blood flows into spongy areas inside the penis expanding and hardening it. But if they don’t expand evenly as anticipated, more times than not it’s down to differences in penis anatomy. Seldom but suggested, another primary cause for a noticeable curve and painful erections is down to —scar tissue. This disorder also known as penile fibrosis is about connective tissue in the penis. It causes fibrous plaques to develop in the soft tissue, hence pain during erection. Scar tissue can be felt underneath the skin of the penis as flat lumps or a band of hard tissue.

Here comes the part you don’t want to hear but need to know!

Peyronie’s disease can shorten an erection. If not for you but for your partner… get it sorted.

The exact cause of PD has not yet been recognized; but study stated during trials, likely causes of plaque or scar formation in the penile shaft could be a result of…

Vitamin E deficiency
Medication (Beta-blocking drugs)
A rise in serotonin levels
Genetic reasons

A frequently asked question, ‘how can a man possibly damage his penis unless kicked in the genitals? How about you tell us because no one manhandles his willy more than you do.

Note: Dont suffer in silence if you suffer from erectile dysfunction.

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