Bloody Hell! Period pains can be a ballache at times. Aside from those stomach cramps which in a lot of cases has the woman doubled over in pain, while not forgetting the messiness, it is the inconvenience of menstruation in general.

The monthly period has lots of girls avoid taking part in particular activities, putting everything on hold because of the inconvenient bleed as it is seen at the time.

You’ll get girls that cope with menstruation and all that comes with it, carrying on regardless, but, then you have them that can’t.

Not only are the stomach aches enough to have to put up with— what of the headaches, bloating and sore breasts? These are common symptoms women DREAD when they’re due to come on. Having said this, we then have girls who DREAD the bleed NOT coming at all after hearing the condom split (unwanted pregnancy).

Most girls take period pain on the chin accepting it’s all part of the package of menstruation, but is it though? According to a study by a group of nutritionists and alternative therapists, it was reported that pain is never normal and can be alleviated. One leading contributor cited for detonating the symptoms of PMS is nutrient deficiency, and that it was in every girl’s best interest that any recommendations for a natural solution to get relief should be considered.

It’s not rocket science that when the body cries out for nutrients you replenish it. Okay, not every woman’s daily diet will contain the necessary nutrients her body needs to work efficiently, and therefore more reason to find the area lacking in nutrient deficiency to make way for a suitable replacement. Experts say period pains can be made less tense from eating a healthy balanced diet as it helps normalize hormone function.

Awareness: You can bet money on the number being great for the girls who suffer severe period pains, who if not already, or, as we speak, is looking for a way to ease their suffering. If you are one of these girls then before trying unknown treatments, remedies or vitamins, speak to a doctor first.

Note: Approximately 75 per cent of all menstruating females suffer from premenstrual syndrome.

Things to know:

Caffeine, look towards reducing how much tea or coffee you drink as both are known to aggravate PMS. Supposedly herbal tea is fast fixing women’s period pains, so if you’re desperate to stabilize menstruation discomforts talk to an herbalist.

Girls that enjoy the odd tipple can still enjoy a drink but within moderation. Go over the limit of what is considered a safe amount to drink, you could end up nursing a banging headache along with period pains.

Oh no, not cakes and biscuits! Yes, I’m afraid so. Regardless of period pains, to much sweet stuff is unhealthy… period (excuse the pun). Nonetheless, if you are tempted, then at least eat smaller amounts. Great alternatives are oats which are just as delicious and also brown rice, nuts, brown bread, sunflower seeds and beans.

Oily fish eaten three times a week is great for the system. Fatty fish increases fatty acids, magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamin E and B.

A method proven to help is massage. It has a powerful effect on relieving stress, which is said to cause tension, pain and hormone imbalance. This applies to yoga also which is highly recommended as a form of treatment.

Aromatherapy oils, again, another way, women are getting relief. Take a warm bath adding a few drops of camomile or clary essential oils.

Overnight miracles do not exist, however, don’t give up. Periods are with you for many years, so if you’re fortunate to find a treatment that works it will have been well worth the wait.

Herbal remedies are popular treatments girls are looking towards to help with menstrual pains, aching muscles, stomach cramps and belly bloating. Certain herbs contain hormone-like properties which help normalize hormonal levels, which then encourages a positive outcome of— controlling the bloating, pain, nerve tension, irritability and fatigue.

P.S. Periods are better late than never for some girls who have a fear of falling pregnant.

As we speak there are likely some young girls waiting in anticipation for the bleed to come… seeing PMS symptoms such as menstrual cramping, bloating belly and sore breasts being only MINOR discomforts as opposed to those that come with an unwanted pregnancy.

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