Not sure you are pregnant? Well, the only way to find out that you are is to do either a pregnancy test or see a doctor. Early months of pregnancy is a critical time, so it is in the best interest of both the mother and baby that the pregnancy is monitored at it’s earliest.

Okay, so you are excited because you’re experiencing symptoms that suggest you might be expecting a baby and want to find out what the signs of pregnancy are to confirm this for sure, but then having said this, and opposed to the happy emotion are you a woman in fear of positive confirmation of pregnancy (unwanted) … maybe? Note: Before making any rash decisions speak to someone first. Acting on impulse without thinking things through could have you live the rest of your life with regret.

Note: Healthy babies come as a result of a healthy pregnancy

One of the primary symptoms of pregnancy is the missed period, however, if you haven’t seen your monthly bleed and not wanting to burst your bubble, this isn’t proof you have conceived.

Expectant women during the nine months of their pregnancy will experience changes to her body and suffer symptoms, but not every woman will carry their baby the same as the next expectant mother, for example, just because Mary next door was sick every morning during her pregnancy or Julie from the corner shop suffered badly with tender boobs—doesn’t mean this will happen to you. If by chance you do have what Mary and Julie have it still doesn’t prove you’re pregnant.

Women during menstruation can suffer from sore breasts, and, as for vomiting in the morning then that can be caused from a gut disorder, so going off what another woman suffers is not a positive way to test for pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms

An early sign of pregnancy is missing a period. Nonetheless, things like stress can stop the period. To get the right diagnosis a doctor will need to investigate why menstruation has stopped.

Don’t be fooled by “morning” sickness as vomiting can come at any time of the day. Not all but some women sadly in the first few weeks of their pregnancy never have their head away from the sink due to their constant puking. While others are more fortunate and spew their guts up less.

Sensitive breasts that balloon in size is an early pregnancy symptom. Aside from soreness, women might experience a tingling sensation, and veins more visible. Also but not the case for every girl nipples can darken and feel firmer.

Not a worrying symptom, as it is annoying, is weeing a lot. The frequent need to urinate is tiring and especially more so if during the night breaking sleep patterns. When the body feels under pressure and weak from lack of sleep it’s time to talk to the midwife.

Constipation is common, again not in all women— affecting about 40%. The pressure of the growing uterus on the rectum is the typical cause of constipation.

Increased vaginal discharge is occasionally an early pregnancy symptom. Discharge is often referred to as leucorrhea, or “white flow”. Possibly having a mild odour, but shouldn’t smell nasty and it’s colour a milky white.

Tiredness is something you can be sure of happening. It’s a symptom caused by body changes. Anticipated time for feeling tired/lethargic is commonly recognised during the first trimester. Normally starts to ease around the second trimester allowing the pregnant woman to cope better.

The first trimester might bring a symptom that leaves a dirty taste in the mouth, often sensed at the time of eating. Having said that, food needn’t be involved to suffer it. The medical term for this is “dysgeusia” and supposedly tastes like metal.

Cravings may not be one of the first signs of being pregnant, but it is certainly a common symptom among pregnant women. It’s all well and good craving foods, but if it’s something like caviar and money is tight that is not good. It remains unclear why women long for certain foods, but some study did reveal it’s down to hormonal changes or the lack of special nutrients. There is no proof that cravings are bad in pregnancy and because of this women continue to dip parsnips in ice cream.

You cannot always rely on symptoms to determine pregnancy, while, neither a positive reading on a pregnancy test too, so the best way to protect the health of the woman and the baby is to get a doctor on board from day one and let him or her clarify you are pregnant.

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